Electricity surges through our body,
As the essence of our souls collide,
In the land where fantasy becomes reality,
I caress the curves of your body, as you trace the outline of mine.

Your mind tumbles in ecstasy,
As my tongue explores areas once forbidden,
You whisper “Please don’t stop”,
As your grip wrinkles the satin bed linen.

Our bodies come together to make love music,
Your kisses play on the strings of my being.
Your touches strike flawlessly on the notes of my heart.
We create the perfect score for our scene.

The emitting heat engulfs the room in sensual fire,
It even scorches the edge of this dream.
Love consumes us and does with us as she pleases,
We are caught in her trance it seems.

I kiss your lips; lose myself in your eyes,
I’ve had this vision time after time,
A single tear lines your face,
As I control the contours of your spine.

Our pace steadily intensifies,
As the manifestation of our love culminates,
For an instant I can almost touch heaven,
I’m not sure if I’m asleep or even awake.

In the aftermath we cling to each other tightly,
Our bodies still joined as one,
We close our eyes and drift off into the night,
As we are met by the warmth of the morning sun.



3 responses to “Corporeality

  1. just saw you on twitter. Getting people to come to your site takes time but they will. 6 months ago (just 6) I wrote a poem audience of one. That was for the one person that faithfully read my blog site each day. I now average 100 visits a day sometimes several. In that time I have joined up with other writers on different sites. some sites are theme related others are just meant to get feedback on our work. I and two poets are starting a site called One Shot Wednesday where you link to your site and comment on at least one work by another participant. We will have opportunites to have evals by published poets down the road as well as competitions. All in all a great way to get peers and others to read.

    Poetically I can read the passion in your prose
    every thought of writing short stories???
    I love a good solid poem with imagery, intensity, and perhaps conflict
    yours are nicely done. Keep writing

    BTW I am Moondustwriter (
    if you are interested in One Shot
    email us at
    would love to have you join – think it would boost your support and reads

    • It’s funny you should ask because in fact i do write short stories. I haven’t posted them to my blog site for a few reasons, 1) Most of them are unfinished, 2) Quite a few are NSFW (Very Explicit). In fact I am trying to become a scriptwriter, and am currently in school for Film.

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