A Production Called Life

Years ago we became part of a large play,
We became part of an intricate script that brought our lives together in a very strange way,
There are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers,
Most of the cast members even know each other,

Characters vary from the old to the young,
From the small to the tall, man we have fun,
This script makes you laugh and often cry,
People we love, those that we hate, and even those that die,

But with a cast this large, there are bound to be rewrites,
Changes in scenery, cities and bright lights,
That’s the bitter/sweet of a script that writes itself,
each day is different, never like the next,

Characters eventually grow old and/or leave,
But new ones are always added, best believe,
And after many “stages” and character changes, there’s you and there’s me,
Where our scene takes us next we’ll just have to see,

There are even sometimes where we’ll stumble over our lines,
But in the end I’ll still be yours and you’ll be mine,
Who knows, maybe you will end up being my wife,
But you can never tell in this play called life.



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