So, Who’s Paying?

The answer to the above question should be obvious. He’s paying of course, right? What, no? Seriously? You think they should go dutch? That’s a bit unorthodox isn’t it? I mean, they’re on a date. The guy should be paying for everything! That’s not how things work anymore? Since when? Where was I for that? I could have been saving so much money! Well, do guys still buy women drinks at a bar? They do? Phew, that was close. Wait, what? Women are now buying men drinks, too? GREAT SCOTT!!

I’m an old-fashioned guy, so I still believe that men should always pay when on a date. However, these days it seems like that mentality has all but gone out the window (I blame rap music and feminism lol). In today’s society, women have become more assertive in their independence and have no objections to covering the bill; and, as a result, men have become cheap (okay, that may be a bit harsh). Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is just what I believe. Here’s sort of a guideline that I follow.

If a guy meets a woman at a club or bar, we all know that typically men are buying the drinks. However, if a woman does offer to buy you a drink, fellas, don’t be rude and refuse. Instead, insist on picking up the next round…or 3. Guys, if a woman you’re interested in calls you up and wants to go out, even though she initiated the date, be under the mindset that you should still be footing the bill. If she states beforehand that the outing is on her, accept, but make plans for a next date and offer to pick up the tab next time. If she calls you up and asks you out and you’re low on funds, let her know, don’t just make up some silly excuse and blow her off in an attempt to save your pride. In this economy she should understand. If she doesn’t, is that someone you really want to be going out with, anyway? If this is your first date, presumably, after meeting at the bar or club, I think that the guy should always pay. But, this is a new age. It’s now common practice for the person initiating the date to pick up the tab, agreeing to split the check ahead of time, or alternating between paying for different aspects of the date (i.e. she pays for the meal but he pays the tip or he pays for bowling and she pays for the snacks and refreshments..).

Now you guys have been on a few dates or have been seeing each other for a while. By this point you guys should be able to come to a compromise as to who pays and should be comfortable with whoever picks up the check. If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, it shouldn’t matter who pays for what. In the end, it should all balance out. Still, you shouldn’t just assume. Having a quick conversation before heading out should be routine.

Again, these are just my thoughts and opinions, but I’m looking forward to hearing yours. Please feel free to leave a comment, or if you have any questions on the topic, I’d be more than happy to provide you with more of my thoughts.



3 responses to “So, Who’s Paying?

  1. I am so old fashioned…. I think he pays…but if I asked a man out I would assume I payed. I have never asked a man out so humm lol Both of my Daughters asked young men to their proms that they were dating but did not attend their school. This date included a dinner, a limo ride to and from, and pictures. It was a very expensive date. I felt that I should pay for these expensives and I did. Their dates protested but I felt we should pay since these young men were invited by my daughters.
    When they were invited to these same events I felt the young men inviting them to attend should pay for the date and did not offer to help. I think the person doing the inviting should pay for the date.

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