Define Slut

Your looks? Ridiculous. Your style? Last season. Your legs? Always open. – Unknown

One afternoon I was riding in the car with a friend of mine when a certain female of “loose morals” came up in conversation. I’m not going to go into too much detail but the conversation went something like this:

Him: “So what’s up with (We’ll call her Carmen) Carmen?

Me: “What do you mean?”

Him: “Who’s she f***ing now? Doesn’t she have a boyfriend or something?”

Me: “Yeah, something like that. Doesn’t matter though, I’m pretty sure she’s cheating on him.”

Him: “I don’t know how any dude can mess with that, she looks so dirty most of the time.  Her p***y HAS to stink.”

Me: “Yeah she really doesn’t keep herself up, but she’s pretty and has big breasts and a small waist.  Some dudes overlook things like a stink p***y. LOL

Him: “Dude, I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. I wouldn’t f**k her with your d**k. LOL

Me: “You’re such an ass. I don’t know man, I guess a slut is a slut.  I mean she’s can be a nice person when she wants to be but she’s still a slut.”

Him: “……..Nah, she’s not a slut…….”

If this were a scene in a movie, him saying she’s not a slut would have been the part where the record scratched and everyone in the vicinity of a mile would have suddenly looked at him in shock, just like I did.

Me: “She’s not?”

Him: “Nope, she’s not a slut; d**k is just her comfort food. LOL”

Even though he was being a total ass, what he said had some truth to it, misguided truth, but truth nonetheless. The word slut is defined as, “a dirty slatternly woman, or a woman who is sexually promiscuous”. Even though different meanings have been applied to the word since as early as the 1400’s, it generally  applies to a woman who sleeps around. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not referring to a woman who enjoys good sex on a regular basis. I’m referring to an individual that has no moral compass and would sleep with anyone by just looking at them the right way. It’s deeper than that in my opinion though. I think a lot of women are just in need of some attention, and the only way they think they can get it is to sacrifice their bodies and their dignity.  They crazy thing is these men that take advantage of them are put on a pedestal, when they are slut themselves who don’t know how to truly appreciate a woman for what she’s really worth.

Some women suffer have low self-esteem that may stem from various  influences ranging from their upbringing, living environment, peers, etc.  Some women get over their low self-esteem by turning into cranky angry bitches, often talking down to others just to make themselves feel better, other turn to food for comfort, while others try to garner affection by allowing themselves to be used and abused.

Is it fair to call them sluts? I’m not talking about whores on the street here. They sell their bodies for money, those are genuine sluts. I’m talking about women who are obviously missing something and are going about trying to get it in all the wrong ways. Is it really fair to refer to them in such a derogatory way? These women are obviously misguided, searching for affection in all the wrong places.

Oh man I’m going to get so much heat for this post, but I’m interested in your opinion on the topic if you have one and would like to share.



4 responses to “Define Slut

  1. Where to begin. First…GAG at the thought of a dirty you know what. Ick.

    Okay, moving on, I know that there are “broken” women who feed their low self worth with sex and replace being desired with being loved. I get that from a psychology standpoint BUT there are tons of people with issues who don’t take this route. In the end it is all still about personal choice. Frankly I can’t stand blaming daddy, or anything else, for your decisions in life. Own them! So if you are going to blame other people for your shit…then sure I’m okay with you being called a slut.

    If you are a woman who enjoys sex, with a lot of partners, and without much discrimination, then own it. Be who you are but don’t blame people! If you own your love of sleeping around then no, you aren’t a slut in my eyes.

    I don’t use the word slut. I have friends who sleep around and as long as they are safe then I really don’t give a shit. As long as they treat me right in our friendship then I don’t care who shares their bed.

  2. I remember having this conversation a few months ago. I think you pretty much nailed it. The term “slut” has been taken to whole new heights even in the past decade. Women are promiscuous for a variety of reasons. As you know, I feel sleeping around with a bunch of people is simply unhealthy; both emotionally and physically. It does show a lack of morals, in my opinion. I believe sex should be in the confines of a monogamous, loving relationship. However, I think the name calling in general needs to stop. (Yes, even with myself.) We are destroying one another with it. No lie.

    I will say that if it weren’t for my beliefs I’m certain I would get pretty close to “slut” status myself. LoL (Without the dirty part. And my stuff would never stink. That’s just gross.)

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