Pardon me Ma’am, You seem Thirsty…

Desperation? That can be a justification for all kinds of behavior. -Jessica Walter

Earlier this week I wrote a post stemming from a conversation that I’d had with a friend of mine that made for very interesting “BlogFodder”(hats off to @ladyestrogen for the term). Well thanks to my best friend of over 10 years, I’m please to share with you another of our random yet inspiring conversations.

As it goes, I was home last night doing a bit of gaming before heading to bed when I heard the familiar light-saber chime (yeah, I’m a loser)  that indicated I had received a text message from my friend Horace. Upon opening the message I saw that it was a picture of a woman, (which it often is) that I’d never met.

Now before I continue let me share some things with you that may make things a little easier to understand. A few years ago Horace met a woman who’s name I won’t reveal even though she was a total bitch, dated her for a few months and after what seemed like true love decided to marry her. A few short years after that things went south and they inevitably got divorced. Since then he’s been truly relishing the single life and taking the opportunity to meet as many women as he can through Craigslist or dating sites such as Plenty of Fish. So getting a picture of a random new woman is nothing out of the ordinary. Let’s continue.

ME: Who’s this?

Horace: Some chick I just started talking to from POF.

ME: Oh ok. She’s actually kinda cute. How long have you been talking to her?

Horace: Monday.

Keep in mind that I’m writing this post on Friday or the same week.

(Another picture comes through, this time it’s a closer picture of her in what I just now realized was her bra taken of herself in with her cell phone in the bathroom )

ME: She’s really cute. Except for that mole smack dab in the middle of her face, but yeah, thumbs up.

Horace: Yeah, that mole. LMAO. I’m going to need her to stop sending me pics though.

ME: Why?

(In comes another picture of her, no bra this time. The picture stops right above where her nipples would be and it looks like she may be in the shower.)

ME: Um…Well… I still don’t see the problem here. Obviously she wants you to destroy her.

Horace: Especially with that last pic.

ME: Again, not seeing the problem.

Horace: Me either.

ME: You’re the one that said you wanted her to stop sending you pics!

Horace: Not so many of them.

(Yet another picture comes through, this time you can clearly see her breast and she’s dripping wet and obviously in the shower)

ME: Yeah dude, she really wants to get it. Did you ask her for nudes?

Horace: Nope.

Who sends unsolicited nudes to a guy that she’s only talked to for 4 days and hasn’t even met? In my opinion that just screams “low self-esteem” or someone who doesn’t give themselves enough credit and is either desperately seeking attention or is in some serious need for some penis action. What I’m confused about it why. I happen to think that this woman is quite pretty and wouldn’t need to be so hard up for some dick. I’m actually curious to meet her and talk to her and find out what her personality is like. Maybe that would shed some light on the amount of question I have running through my head right now.

What do you guys think? Am I wrong for thinking that this woman seems a bit “thirsty”? What reasons would there be for someone to behave in this manner? Do you think they are just inviting themselves to be used? Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.



P.S. I wanted to include one of the lovely lady’s pictures so that you can see how cute she is, but decided against it. If you want to see her picture you can DM me and if I deem you trustworthy enough I’ll share it with you privately.


13 responses to “Pardon me Ma’am, You seem Thirsty…

  1. HA!
    Does he know that he is now victim to being your source of Blog Fodder?
    I have one friend that, before a serious convo usually about sex, he’ll say, “This is NOT to be repeated on your fecking blog, mmmmk?”

    Hahaha. DAMMIT.

  2. Regardless if it’s intended or not, she’ll definitely get used more times than not if that’s her dating style. I’m guessing she thinks men are only interested in sex. Well, that’s true for short term shoppers, but men who want something serious would avoid her like the plague.

    • Well ironically, he just told me that she said that she’s not looking for FWB she’s looking for the long term, which I think is sending mixed signals judging by her actions alone. And he’s a short term shopper at the moment so he’s probably not going to give her much of a chance. Which I think is sad cause she’s cute and seems like a really sweet girl.

  3. There is NOTHING in her behavior that indicates that she wants a serious relationship. That is the behavior of somebody desperate for attention and looking for a good time. You don’t go out looking for love by sending nude photos after 4 days of talking. That is just insanity.

    PS…I’m shaking my head over here at your “I’m actually curious to meet her and talk to her and find out what her personality is like” lol I’m sure that’s what you want to check out!

    • Lol why are you shaking your head? I really am curious to talk to her. I’m really into psychology even though I don’t intend to pursue it as a profession. I want to know his she thinks.

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. Maybe she doesn’t actually know what she wants, or perhaps she just doesn’t know how to get it. Basically now a day everything is about sex, tv shows, novels, etc. etc.
    Maybe that’s why she’s acting like this, or maybe she wants a relationship but she also REALLY wants to get laid.
    You honestly never know with people.
    Everyone’s crazy in there own ways…

  5. I don’t know how aware she is of the message she gives out but it’s definitely not one that comes from confidence. Horace should tell her, see how she reacts. It may be she just thinks it’s what he wants to see. Unless of course Horace just wants to get laid. In which case, it would appear she’d be up for it!

  6. Read you guest post at According to jewels and loved it!

    She’s definitely not looking for something long term. She’s 110% desperate, lonely or crazy. NO girl or woman sends pictures that exposing after 4 days unless they’re just looking for sex. If you ever do meet her I hope we hear about it.

  7. Well, well. I guess I’m going to have to spell it out.. I tend to have a bit more “yang to my yin”, though, so don’t ascribe my ideas to all femmes… I don’t know that I agree with anyone here. I’ll tell you one thing: Tell your friend to stop having so many hang ups or rules about the chicks he is trying to bone (other than safe sex and all of that). I mean, for goddsakes people. Does he wanna get boned or not? 2nd… tell him to BE THE MAN if this is a turn off or something. SAY IT. Because clearly, by NOT saying it, he makes himself out to be the serious douche bag you are trying not to depict. It might actually have been good after the first one or two pics for him to send a text saying – “awesome… but stop now. save some for later… i like to find these things out…” But by NOT offering anything up about his concern, and instead forwarding the pics to you, he is 1) seeming a little weak and with no, how shall I put this… backbone?? and 2) further disrespecting someone that he thinks already has no self-respect, and obviously setting everything up for failure… and 3) though he doesn’t know her, and seems to want to reveal a certain part of herself to him… he’s betraying that, which says a lot here…

    All that to say – neither side appears to be playing fairly… But eh- who am I to say a thing? The fact is I know girls. If she’s sending those pics it could be for a bunch of different reasons:
    1) no self respect
    2) doesn’t care – or ascribe her self respect to her physical body… As a matter of fact, perhaps she finds her body and others quite lovely and is into the free-love, freely sharing mindset… Or maybe she is a “burner” (burning man aficionado) and this is old hat for her – group sex is a fairly regular occurrence… ha ha. Hey – HE’S the one going to find dates at Plenty of Fish… LOL
    3) She has been burned by douche bags far too many times and is out for vengeance – in her own weird way… this is a power play. Those may not even be pics of her. LOL
    4) She is truly looking for Mr. Right, and somewhere along the line every single douche bag guy she’s dated or met up with didn’t have the decency or the spine to be HONEST with her, that this sort of thing was kinda “OFF” to say the least.

    I have a friend who is a former domanitrix – she did it while getting through college — I know, I know…. But she doesn’t have any weird thoughts about pics over a cell phone with someone she doesn’t know. It was very common in that industry… I’d be curious to hear her take on this…

    And finally – I think it’s pretty short sighted and SEXIST to assume she is desperate and lonely to send those pics. NO one said Brett Favre, or any host of other guys who have been caught sending their JUNK through texts were DESPERATE or LONELY. And at least from the sound of things, her pics were seductive but not TOTALLY revealing? Even if they were, I’m sorry – it doesn’t compare to some guys BUTT UGLY junk coming across your cell phone.

    • Wow, you wrote an entirely other post in reply lol. I don’t even know where to start in reply to what you said. There was much truth and humor all at the same time. I ask about her every once in awhile but I don’t think he’s actually made any attempt to get to know her. I’m still following up on this situation.

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