Officer Dick Asshole

"Oh HE'S black, let's get him!

When it comes to officers of the law, (cops, pigs, one time, po-po, babylon, five-0) I’m on the fence on how I feel about them in general. Usually I have nothing against police officers, AS LONG AS THEY ARE DOING THEIR JOB. They are here to protect and serve (last time I check) and I’d rather have them around in the event that I ever need to call on them, than need them and be shit out of luck (which is most often the case).

I have friends that are officers and they are cool as shit, totally different from the dicks that I’ve had the privilege of dealing with on occasion. Of the tidbits of information that I’ve learned from them over time, one thing I was told is that an officer isn’t allowed to run anyone’s plates or do a search on a person unless they have reasonable suspicion that this person may be breaking the law or has an official reason for said search. Which brings me to the meat and potatoes of this post.

Last night after a quick trip to the laundromat, I was on the back to my apartment when I realized it would be in my best interest to put gas in my car while I had the opportunity. I pulled up to one of the pumps, popped the gas lid and after making a quick call proceeded to fill my tank. Literally 2 minutes later, Officer Dick (I don’t know his name obviously but he’ll forever be known to me as Officer Dick Asshole) pulled up. At first I thought he was just doing a random sweep of the area or had stopped to get something from the convenience store. Nope. Officer Dick, stopped his car right in front of mine and blatantly proceeded to run my tags.

Did I do something illegal? Is it against the law to sit in your car while you’re pumping gas? Or maybe it was because I was the only black guy at the gas station at the time. Maybe I’m being paranoid. Maybe he ran everyone’s tags that was there getting gas or something from the store, right?  I highly doubt it though, cause after my search obviously came back clean he proceeded to drive off.




6 responses to “Officer Dick Asshole

  1. I was married to a cop, and when I decided to divorce his Napoleon complex, tin god, ass hole self he went off his fucking rocker! He would tell me he ran the plates of every car that he saw at my house. Why are you driving past my house anyway ass? He would tell me things about the people at my house too, and you go this information from running their plates? He would threaten me with everything under the sun like calling the IRS on me, calling child services, whatever he could think of.

    I started dating a guy who lived OUTSIDE city limits and we kept catching him driving past his house while on duty. Finally one night when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me I had a drink on an empty stomach and tada got sick. I called him to come get the girls so they were safe. He shows up with three cop cars tosses my house SAYS they found drugs but took nothing into evidence, called child services, took my kids, and had criminal charges filed against. me.

    In the end the charges were dropped, he lost custody all together was found unfit and got fired for misuse of power.

    I have NO respect for anything in the law enforcement category.

  2. Good name for the guy. Does this kind of thing happen a lot? I’m intrigued at how many assholes are still out there these days. I live in South Africa, ooo we have a whole different kind of policing out here 🙂

  3. Well that is straight up asshole. There is most definitely profiling all over with cops. It’s also close to the end of the month and he was probably trying to get to that quota. Total Office Dick Asshole!

  4. This post makes me nauseous! WTF, is wrong with people? No doubt that Officer Dick Asshole is the reason why good cops like your friends have such an uphill battle when trying to do their job in the community! Sucks!
    I also have several friends in law enforcement and in California there is no “expectation of privacy” for license plates/tags. Police are permitted to run anyone’s plates at anytime with no cause.
    Officer Dick is not only an extreme ASSHOLE but an extreme liability to the officers who actually DO their job!

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