Clair De Lune

pianoAnyone that knows me knows that I am really in to music. I mean it’s even tattooed on wrists in the form of a treble and bass clef. They would also know that I studied classical piano for 10+ years and played for my church. If you didn’t know, now you know.

The point is I really love music. If something sounds good to me, I’ll listen and probably download it. Which is probably the reason why my iTunes library is so eccentric and all over the place. Even if a song has to grow on me, once it does, it gets added to my library. It doesn’t matter what genre it belongs to, if it’s pleasing to my ears then that’s enough for me.

That being said, there are a few songs in particular that I favor above all others. And of those few, Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy is the crem de la crem.

I don’t know what it is exactly about this song that speaks to me but I can always count on this piece to either calm me down if I’m angry, cheer me up if I’m a bit down or channel my focus if I’m utterly distracted. This is also why I’m obsessed with learning this piece. If I never touch a piano again, I at least want to master this gem.

And now, for your viewing/listening pleasure:



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