A Chat with Love

“Hey Love, is that you? How have you been?
Me? Oh, I’ve been around, you know, just chillin’.
It’s really good to see you, do you have time for a chat?
Really? That’s great! We have so much to discuss in fact.”

“What have I been up to? Oh, not much really.
I spend some time with Stress these days, and you know how that can be.
Heartbreak seems to come around a lot more than I want her to.
In fact the last time I saw her I mistook her for you.”

“Loneliness drops by at least once a day,
I try not to listen to anything he has to say.
And Life is still a bitch! No lie.
You know the only way to get away from her is to die.”

“Enough about me Love it’s your turn, what’s good?
You don’t seem to come around as often as you should.
I’ve been trying to get a hold of you now for some time,
But even when you weren’t around I’d just think of you and smile.”

“Quite a bit of people have been trying to reach you Love,
Although all they seem to find are just imitations of.
I even have a friend that doesn’t believe you exist.
She feels that you’re imagined, a dream, fantasy or myth.”

“She thinks she may have glimpsed you once,
But it was Heartache in disguise,
I could feel her pain from miles away,
I could see it in her eyes.”

“You really need to meet her Love,
She’ll be hesitant at first, a little.
We can have a menage-a-trios,
With you right in the middle.”

“Actually Love, please stick around,
And stay as long as you like.
Point in fact, we wouldn’t mind,
If you stayed for the rest of our lives.”



A Production Called Life

Years ago we became part of a large play,
We became part of an intricate script that brought our lives together in a very strange way,
There are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers,
Most of the cast members even know each other,

Characters vary from the old to the young,
From the small to the tall, man we have fun,
This script makes you laugh and often cry,
People we love, those that we hate, and even those that die,

But with a cast this large, there are bound to be rewrites,
Changes in scenery, cities and bright lights,
That’s the bitter/sweet of a script that writes itself,
each day is different, never like the next,

Characters eventually grow old and/or leave,
But new ones are always added, best believe,
And after many “stages” and character changes, there’s you and there’s me,
Where our scene takes us next we’ll just have to see,

There are even sometimes where we’ll stumble over our lines,
But in the end I’ll still be yours and you’ll be mine,
Who knows, maybe you will end up being my wife,
But you can never tell in this play called life.



Electricity surges through our body,
As the essence of our souls collide,
In the land where fantasy becomes reality,
I caress the curves of your body, as you trace the outline of mine.

Your mind tumbles in ecstasy,
As my tongue explores areas once forbidden,
You whisper “Please don’t stop”,
As your grip wrinkles the satin bed linen.

Our bodies come together to make love music,
Your kisses play on the strings of my being.
Your touches strike flawlessly on the notes of my heart.
We create the perfect score for our scene.

The emitting heat engulfs the room in sensual fire,
It even scorches the edge of this dream.
Love consumes us and does with us as she pleases,
We are caught in her trance it seems.

I kiss your lips; lose myself in your eyes,
I’ve had this vision time after time,
A single tear lines your face,
As I control the contours of your spine.

Our pace steadily intensifies,
As the manifestation of our love culminates,
For an instant I can almost touch heaven,
I’m not sure if I’m asleep or even awake.

In the aftermath we cling to each other tightly,
Our bodies still joined as one,
We close our eyes and drift off into the night,
As we are met by the warmth of the morning sun.


Our Day

I can see you in my mind’s eye;
We’re standing face to face.
Some guy in black is asking me.
“Her hand will you take?”

I pay him no attention as if he isn’t there,
Cause right now it’s just you and me, but yet I’m gripped with fear.
My hold on your hand keeps slipping, my fingers are clammy and wet,
He asks me if I’ll hold you tight, as we both continue to sweat.

He says something about “sickness and health”, can we move it along my friend?
I remember waiting for this day to come, but I can’t wait for it to end.
For richer, poorer, better or worse, till we are parted by death,
I can’t wait to leave this church so I can have you to myself.

He asks me one last question,
And he asks the same to you,
We both reveal a little smile as we both say “I do”.

Now we get to the good parts,
He says, “You may Kiss the bride”,
I hold you close, and our lips connect,
Again, for the very first time.

Man and wife we are pronounced,
The crowd erupts in cheers,
We both take hold of what we’ve striven to attain for so many years.

Our exit is grand as people give praise,
Through the crowd we make our way,
Alone in the limo we exchange stares,
And from our lips “I love you” escapes.

“We did it.”  “We made it.”  We’re finally here.”
These words we lovingly say,
We’ll forever cherish this blessed occasion,
This moment……Our Wedding Day.