Straight Eye for the Straight Guy

I thought about naming this post “No homo” but decided against it. In fact some things in this post might sound quite homo and I really don’t give a shit. Moving on.

Sunday I was watching Zoolander. This movie is one of my guilty pleasures, it’s so incredibly stupid yet unbelievable funny. If you’ve seen it then you’ll remember the scene where Derek and Hansel are about have a walk-off. When out of nowhere appears David Bowie looking as dapper as ever. Moments later I I tweeted “David Bowie is hot”. Within seconds one of my friends @replied “James is gay“. She was kidding of course but that got my mind to thinking, why is it that a woman can say another woman is hot but if a guy remarks that another man is good-looking people start to question your sexuality?

I’m a completely and fully heterosexual man who’s comfortable in his sexuality. Why can’t I say another man is good-looking? Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I’m going to take every opportunity to make it known that a man is attractive, only in particular instances. Instances such as David Bowie popping up on-screen.

That being said, I’d like to make it know that I think Ryan Reynolds(top left) is gorgeous(ok that may have sounded gay). I would go gay for Ryan Reynolds(ok that sounded gay for sure). In all seriousness, the man is amazing. Apart from being one of my favorite actors, he has an amazing physique, one that I aspire to attain. Ryan Reynolds is my man crush, and I am not ashamed to say it.

While I’m on the subject I think I’ll add a few other men that I also find pleasing to the eye. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Come on, you have to admit, he looks amazing in a well-tailored suit. Have you seen Inception? David Bowie of course even though back in the day his style of dress was a bit eccentric(whose wasn’t). The guy just seems to look better with age. Billy Idol is also somewhere on that list, but when he was the young, punk rock icon, not so much now. Actually, replace Billy Idol with Tom Hardy and lets finish up the list with Rain via Ninja Assassin.

Don’t judge me.