Race Relations…

“Love sees no color.” – KJ Jerome

It has been almost 150 years since the emancipation of slaves and the abolishment of slavery and over 60 years since upstanding men like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X drove the Civil Rights Movement in an attempt for minorities to gain equality with Caucasians in this country.  As a nation we’ve made strides and have become more accepting, culminating in the fact that we now have an African-American, Barack Hussein Obama, as our Head of State.  However, despite how far we’ve come, we still have a very long way to go.

I was catching up with a long time friend of mine today that informed me that her love life had become rather complicated within the last few months.  She explained to me that she’d fallen in love with a close friend, and although he has feelings for her as well, dating for them would be almost impossible because of the fact that his parents don’t like that she’s African-American (He’s Caucasian).  When his parents found out, his mom asked, “Why’d it have to be a black girl?”  I guess we should be grateful she didn’t ask, “Why’d it have to be a “nigger” woman?”  It also seems his dad has threatened to exclude him from his will if the relationship continues. 

Seriously? Would the situation have garnered less hostility if the subjects were reversed?  To some extent it seems that African-American women catch more hell for dating outside of their race-especially if it’s a Caucasian male-than African-American men.  I wonder why that is exactly…

One has to ask, ‘What’s so bad about interracial dating?”  Is there something that I’m not getting?  Personally I think we should all date outside our perspective races to muddy up the waters a bit, that way we won’t be able to differentiate who’s what.  Why are we still so caught up with color?  The color of your skin has no bearing on who you are as a person, or who you’re going to become, at least it shouldn’t.  Maybe it’s in the upbringing.  As a child I played with children of other races and had no classification of who they were other than “my friends”.  In various aspects of my adult life I’ve now grown to classify other adults not by color but as co-worker, boss, lover, friend, enemy, etc.  I can still see the identifying color of this skin, but I DON”T CARE. People should be judged by their actions and what is in their heart, not on their complexion.

As for my friend and her dilemma, the only advice I could give her was to “do what makes you happy”.  If being with this man is what you want then got for it.  In the end you’re dating him and not his parents or anyone else that is bringing negativity into your relationship.  Let your heart guide you and not your eyes.  Remember, love sees no color.


(For those interested in interracial dating you can check out www.coffeeandcreamlove.com. It’s a very resourceful site that allows you to connect with thousands of potential singles.)