Suspicious Much?

What makes a person suspicious? Is it the clothes they wear? The way they move? Is it the color of their skin? I don’t think any one factor can or should be a reason to label someone as suspicious, however that all changes if  a few things come together.

Take Tyrone for instance (I don’t actually know his name but this guy looked like he could be a Tyrone).

I was driving to work yesterday when I saw Tyrone’s shiny red sports car in my rear view mirror. Tyrone must have been in a hurry, as he was coming up behind me pretty quickly and weaving through traffic rather erratically. He must have been late to work. Finding a whole in the traffic, Tyrone managed to get over to the next lane and opened up the throttle on his shiny new convertible. As Tyrone was pulling up next to me, I was starting to admire his car when I actually got a good look at Tyrone and did a double take (I’m sure you would have too).

"Would you like to arrest me now officer, or would you rather wait till I knocked over the liquor store down the street?"

Now I’m not one to jump to conclusions but I think Tyrone looked fucking suspicious. Now some of you may disagree but take a moment to let me explain myself. Take a look a at what I like to call my “Equation Of  Tyrone’s Suspiciousness”:

Black Guy + Sunglasses = Not Suspicious
Black Guy + Convertible Red Sports Guy =Mildly Suspicious (Black guys don’t really drive convertibles on the East Coast)
Black Guy + Hoodie  = Mildly Suspicious (Unless you live in FL then you fucked)
Black Guy + Hoodie + Sunglasses = Mildly Suspicious
Black Guy + Hoodie with hood up + Sunglasses = Dial 9-1 and just wait
Black Guy + Hoodie with hood up + Sunglasses + Convertible Red Sports Car + Erratic Driving = Someone call Officer Dick Asshole!

You really can’t really see it in this picture but what self-respecting thug drives a red convertible Mitsubishi Eclipse with glitter in the paint? I’m mean seriously, tell me you wouldn’t pull that guy over. I know I would.



6 responses to “Suspicious Much?

  1. DUDE – you could get yourself in trouble making those kinds of assumptions out here. And I’ve been to the east coast. That is a BIG assumption and seems to be pretty inaccurate to say that black guys don’t drive convertibles on the east coast)… but – that aside – HAHAHAHA!! Very FUNNY! red glitter. LOL

  2. You are brave. And hilarious. And brave. And clever. And brave..did I mention brave?

    I understand that stereotypes and generalities exist for a reason. If I had to check out my assumption that fire was hot every single time I encountered fire, I would get burned a lot. With people though, it’s not always so easy…

    One man’s hoodie might mean he’s sketchy, but another man’s hoodie might just be his way of protecting himself from making eye contact with people cause he’s got massive anxiety? The thing is, you never really know.

    I don’t think you’re suggesting the assumptions though, just that you understand why and how they’re made.

    • Lol thank you for the compliments but why am brave though?

      I wasn’t making any assumptions at all and I don’t think that he was guilty of anything (or rather I hope) but it was a perfect storm or things that came together that made him highly suspicious looking lol.

      Young black men, well minorities in general are stereotyped so why would you add to it but looking so suspect? Lol

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